Four Best Budget Foundations for Oily Skin

No matter what type of skin you have, one of the hardest things to do is find a foundation that suits. If you’re like me and have oily skin, finding a foundation that doesn’t have you looking like a disco ball a few hours after applying, well, it’s a hard task! Look no further, I’ve found four that I think are amazing and the most expensive one is only €13.95! I know, right??? Let’s get started.


1. LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation. RRP €12.95

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation


So the LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation is my most recent discovery and it’s already a firm favourite of mine. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser and there are 14 shades in the range, my own shade being Medium Beige. The ingredients in this foundation include Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and sunflower oil meaning it’s rich in antioxidants and won’t irritate skin. The brand claims that this foundation is “a shine free, creamy liquid formula” and that it “minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines”. Considering, I’ve got both visible pores AND fine lines, I was interested to see how I got on with it!!

I’ve been wearing it for well over a month now (I bought my second bottle just today) and I absolutely adore it! I actually can’t fault it and that says a lot about a foundation, it’s one of the hardest products to get right because we expect so much from our foundations! I love full coverage but I also love a foundation that goes on easily, blends well and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and this fits the bill perfectly. I’m also that bit older than a lot of bloggers, I’m in my late 40’s so while I’ve good skin, I do have fine lines around the eyes and finding something that doesn’t settle into them is a must! I generally have my makeup on for 12 or more hours before I get to cleanse and while I may have to literally “powder my nose” once during the day because I’m so oily, that’s about it, it stays on perfectly. It also doesn’t oxidize nor does it break down around the nose area which can be very common with foundations. One of my favourite things about this foundation is how quickly it dries after application. Now I don’t mean it dries so quickly that you’ve to apply it like an olympic sport, I just mean that once you apply it, you don’t have to wait ages before it’s dry enough to apply contour, blush and highlighter.  This seals the deal for me, matte foundations can take a while to dry down and I don’t have time for that in the morning when I’m rushing to work and have 27 other products to put on! This absolutely gets 10/10 from me. You can purchase it here.


2. Carter Beauty Full Measure HD Foundation. RRP €9.95

Carter Beauty Full Measure HD Foundation


Any of you that follow me on Instagram will know I was on my second bottle of this foundation when I bought five more during Black Friday! It was 40% off, I’m actually surprised I didn’t get more!! This is also a 30ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser and comes in 12 shades. My shade is Caramel Chew. Carter Beauty claims that this foundation “leaves a flawless finish, is water based and oil free”.

In my opinion, this is one of the best mattifying foundations out there. I loved it from the first moment I applied it, it just went on so easily, it was effortless application. The coverage is fantastic, “matte but not flat” is what I’d say, I’d consider it to be full coverage but your skin still looks natural. It’s very long lasting, doesn’t settle into my fine lines and it doesn’t oxidize, all the things I look for in a foundation. This one takes a little longer to dry on the skin than the LA Girl one but other than that, they are actually very similar foundations, this one being €3.00 cheaper. I don’t know about you but I would only wear certain foundations for nights out, it has to be something that you know will last a long night in the heat of a pub or club (okay, I don’t go to clubs anymore, shut up, I’m trying to be relatable to the young’uns!!) and this foundation would absolutely be on my mush going out at night, that’s how much faith I have in it! You can purchase it here.


3. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. RRP €7.95

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation


Imagine. €7.95 for a foundation that’s in my top 4! If you read my review of Catrice Products, you’ll know about my love for this foundation. You can find my review here.

So, this foundation has been around for quite a while now, it’s another 30ml glass bottle with a pipette style dispenser. Some people aren’t too fond of pipette dispensers and I have to agree with it for some products but I’ve never had an issue with the Catrice one. This foundation doesn’t have a fantastic shade range at the moment with just 7 available (mine is Sand Beige), however, they have recently released 3 new shades, Porcelain Beige, Hazelnut Beige and Latte Macchiato Beige so hopefully they’ll make it to Ireland.

This foundation claims to give “high but at the same time natural looking coverage”, it claims to have an “ultra-light liquid texture” and gives a “flawless complexion that lasts up to 24 hours”. At this stage I’m probably on my 5th or 6th bottle and can safely say it’s all of the above (although I’ve never worn my makeup for 24 hours because ugh!) It got quite a liquid consistency in that if you drop it out on the back of your hand and tilt your hand it will move around so you’d be forgiven for thinking the coverage was going to be light but you’d be wrong! It’s got really good coverage, blends very well and has great longevity, even for us oily guys & gals! Because of it’s liquid consistency, it’s also a great one to wear during the summer, put it on with a duo-fibre brush to get a lighter, softer finish, perfect for when you want to keep makeup to a minimum.

4. Note Cosmetics Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation. RRP €13.95

Note Cosmetics Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation

So when I started this blog post (it took me a few weeks to actually get it finished!), it had 3 foundations in it but I bought some Note products recently and reminded me that I had this foundation and couldn’t recall why I wasn’t wearing it! I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did, it’s actually amazing! This foundation comes in 8 shades, it’s a 35ml plastic bottle with a pump applicator. I got Shade 2 which is Natural Beige. The first thing to note (see what I did there?) is that it’s quite a thick consistency, it’s the thickest out of all of the above foundations so it does take a little effort to blend. I’ve only put it on using a flat head kabuki brush but I think this foundation would go on really well with a damp beauty blender. Now, I have to say, I had a mini heart attack when I put in on first, it looked very, very pale on me and as I was getting ready for work, I hadn’t time to add in any darkening drops so I just kept blending, hoping for a miracle. However, this foundation oxidized ever so slightly and once it had dried, I was really impressed with how good it looked. I’d still say I should have gone for Shade 1 which looks a bit darker so I’ll get that and try it instead. Now if I’m totally honest, this kinda annoys me with foundation, you’d think that Shade 1 is the lightest with Shade 2 being darker and Shade 3 being darker again but I know companies tend to group foundations based on skin tones but I really wish other companies would take a leaf out of say, Carter Beauty’s book where they have the exact description of the colour and what skin undertones it suits – it would make shade choosing so much easier!

So back to the foundation, the coverage from this is simply amazing! It’s definitely full coverage and while I’d always get a tad oily at some stage during the day, it was much later in the day before I needed a very slight powder touch up. I’m very impressed with the natural ingredients in this foundation, it’s got Spiraea Extract and Cedar Wood Oil which reduce sebum production (sebum is the official word for your skin’s oils in case you’re wondering) and helps reduce acne. It also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin B which are all beneficial for the skin. Most evenings when I go to remove my makeup, it slides off pretty easily as I get quite oily in the evenings but I have to say, the Note foundation took a little bit more effort to get off which really impressed me, the staying power of this is quite extraordinary.


P.S. I used to hate my oily skin – so if you’re young and feel the same, take it from me, embrace it, as I’m getting older I’m realising it’s one of the reasons I look a lot younger than I am and have very few wrinkles, there are other factors too but an oily complexion definitely isn’t the enemy you might think it is, one of these days you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for it!


Sue xxx (aged 75)