Clarins Instant Concealer

I had been tempted to buy this concealer for quite a while after a number of bloggers I follow raved about how good it was. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know how much I love my Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer so it was going to be hard to find one as good in my book. The one thing I need in a concealer is one that doesn’t settle into my fine lines during the day. I am 50 now and there was a time when I could lash on the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer but these days, I have crepey skin under my eyes and while I’m lucky not to have too many visible lines around the eye area, that changes when I smile so I need something lightweight but which still gives good coverage and doesn’t settle into the fine lines and wrinkles. Not too much to ask!

Clarins Instant Concealer

The Clarins Instant Concealer comes in five shades (it used to only be three), 00 being the lightest shade up to 05 which is the darkest. It comes in a plastic squeezable tube and is €26.00 for 15ml. I got Shade 01 which I imagine is probably the most popular shade. Now a few weeks before I purchased it, I got a sample size version in another Clarins order and got Shade 02. I have to say, the difference between Shade 01 and 02 is huge. Shade 02 was basically the same shade as my foundation whereas Shade 01 was a good 2 shades lighter – I would definitely be recommending Shade 01 if you are my colouring although Shade 2 might be suitable if you are tanned and wearing much darker makeup.

The concealer claims to be a “fatigue fighting, smoothing and long wear concealer, a hydrating correcter that serves as perfection makeup for toned and blemished skin”. It contains aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin and also has caffeine extracts which as you will know, stimulate the skin and helps reduce puffiness.

Before applying the Instant Concealer


After applying Instant Concealer


The texture of this concealer is really beautiful. It’s creamy but lightweight and gives excellent coverage. I don’t really have dark circles but I would sometimes have a blue/purple tint to the corner of my eyes, particularly if I haven’t been sleeping, and this covers them beautifully. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s buildable so you can put on a light layer first and build it up if you don’t feel it has covered your imperfections fully. It’s really brightening too without looking like a highlighter, it just gives a gorgeous radiance to the eye area. The best news? It absolutely does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles!! I was so thrilled with this, at our age, when the skin is starting to lose elasticity, the last thing we want is for the lines we do have to be accentuated by a bright cream so rest assured, you’ll have nothing to worry about here. Now, as with all concealers, make sure you set it with a translucent powder (a patting motion, not a sweeping motion!) – this is so important!

The finished look

The one thing that took a little getting used to was how much to use and how to apply it. Most concealers have a wand applicator or a brush so you can just pull it out and swipe the concealer over the eye area so when I opened this one, I didn’t know how to put it on! I didn’t want to put the nozzle close to my eye itself although I have seen some people apply it like this so instead, I popped a drop onto the back of my hand, tapped my finger into it and dotted it onto my eye that way and then used a brush to blend it out. On the plus side, a squeezy tube means you’ll be able to cut it open when it’s almost gone and get the rest of it out. If you are buying this, you only need the smallest amount, a little really goes a long way here so while it may seem expensive at €26 for 15ml, it’s going to last you a long time. You can purchase it on the Clarins website here.

Sue xx