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Why You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I started retailing Nima Brush back in October 2016 and since then, the amount of people who tell me they rarely or never clean their makeup brushes is phenomenal! I get it – some people feel because they’re the only ones using them, they don’t need cleaning or they use the same products all the time but lads, take it from me, it’s still gross, whatever the reason! Read on and I might manage to convince you to change your habits!

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Let’s leave the brushes themselves aside for a minute and look at your skin. Your skin secretes oils and sheds cells on a daily basis and every time you use your make up brushes on your face, those oils and dead skin cells and any other dirt on your face are transferred to your brush. This then causes a growth of bacteria in the brush which you then put back on your face, over and over again! I know, it’s disgusting right? You’re wondering then why you’ve an unexpected breakout on your skin and a lot of time, it’s down to your makeup brushes being full of bacteria. If someone handed you a facecloth and told you to wash your face with it but also  told you it hadn’t been washed in a month and had loads of dirt in it, would you still use it? Of course not! So why do it with your brushes?


Using dirty brushes also changes the application of makeup products, you’re never going to blend your eyeshadows or foundation correctly if you’re using a brush that clogged with old makeup. There is absolutely no point in spending good money on products if your tools are not going to do them justice.


So now the brushes themselves. Makeup brushes, while some can be densely packed and they can definitely withstand some pressure and handling, the individual hairs and bristles they hold are delicate and need care. Makeup and dirt build up and weaken the bristles causing them to bend and snap, eventually ruining  your brush. The flexibility of the bristles is effected when old makeup and dirt is weighing them down and like I said above, you won’t get the correct application, blend or finish on makeup if you keep using clogged up brushes. You’ll end up thinking a particular foundation isn’t as good as you had hoped, or an eyeshadow palette doesn’t blend as well as other people says it does – go back to basics, are you applying them with clean brushes?


As well as all of the above, you’ve spent your hard earned cash on your brushes so washing them regularly ensures they last and you get years of use from them – they are actually much more of an investment than any makeup you buy – at least the brushes can’t get used up!

I’ve had some of these brushes over five years and some are new – regular cleaning means you can’t tell the difference


I get asked a lot how often should you clean your brushes and while I’ll do a separate “how to” post, I generally wash my brushes every seven to ten days and obviously, if I’m going for a different colour look on my eyes, I’ll give those particular brushes a quick clean them prior to using any new colours. Foundation brushes get the dirtiest and are the hardest to clean so I would generally only get about four or five applications before I move on to another foundation brush.


The moral of the story is, regularly cleaned brushes mean better skin, better application of product, longer lasting brushes and a happier you, give it a go!


Sue xx